For Research Participants

We update the selection of participants for each survey

Prior to each survey, we ask our clients to update “the universe", the list of relevant organisations to contact and who to interview. If we don’t receive any nominations regarding appropriate people we look for the relevant positions, i.e. the CFO or treasurer for a cash management report or a CIO or head of equities for a domestic equity analysis.

Looking closer at the surveys the interviews are mainly performed over telephone although it’s also possible to respond electronically. The response rate is historically high. Most of our interviewers, 20-30 persons, are freelancers but have worked for Prospera for several years. Nearly all of them have an academic and/or financial background.

How do you know that you will be anonymous?

Privacy protection and anonymity are cornerstones of a market research company’s common rules. We guarantee that no information that can be linked back to you as an individual or your organisation may be forwarded to any third party. All results are presented as aggregates. The report that we present to each client states which organisations we have approached, but doesn’t contain any information about who has or hasn’t participated or which persons we have interviewed. Sometimes, on our clients’ request, we process the material a bit further where we for instance divide the results into different customer groups, but only to a degree that doesn’t in any way compromise the anonymity.

We comply with industry standards such as ERM and ESOMAR

Survey Operations in Sweden are monitored by ERM, the Ethical Council for Market Research. ERM’s main task is to ensure that all the players in the industry comply with the ICC / ESOMAR’s International Rules for Market Research. These include the protection of respondents' anonymity and the clarity of the distinction between market research on one hand and marketing, telemarketing and various forms of direct sales measures on the other. You can contact ERM to ask questions about how the rules should be interpreted or if you wish to make a complaint.

Our research is carried out according to ESOMAR (The European Society for Opinion and Market Research guidelines) and the information provided will only be used in connection with these investigations. Your details will not be disclosed to any external party. There is no risk that you will be exposed for sale or advertising because of your participation in our inquiries.