Customised Services

We have a long and wide-ranging experience from conducting research that we customise to the specific needs and conditions of a single client. Through the years we have covered a great variety of areas, both in the private and public sector, with both a qualitative and quantitative approach and addressed external as well as internal stakeholders.

For instance, an industry association might want to find out about what their members really think of it. Another one might want to focus on market trends or what the market makers in a specific segment aim for, yet another might want to take a closer look at exactly what their customers value the most.

 We have a good relation, Prospera understand our needs and our clients.
 The most credible and serious market research institute in the Nordics.


Basically there are no boundaries to what Prospera can do for you in the field of customised surveys within the financial and legal sector. A few examples; performance measurement, competitor profiles, opportunity analysis, client behaviour and brand assessment.

Among our clients you’ll find major Nordic financial institutions and associations as well as major players in the financial markets.