About Us

Founded in 1985 Prospera has a well developed product portfolio with a long track record and decades of experience from providing strategic advice to senior management. Primarily we work for investment banks, brokerage houses, commercial banks, financial institutions, asset and fund managers, private banks, financial advisors, private equity and law firms. The founders are still very active within the company and their experience and long term client relationships play a vital part in the continuous building of our brand.

We regularly undertake syndicated/benchmarking as well as customised analyses among a majority of the leading professional players. Our model and methodology enables our clients to benchmark against their peers and refine and improve their business. Our Best practice model can be described in three areas and five steps;


Our clients have played a major role in the development of our way of working from the very beginning. Together we continuously revise the universe to approach and the questionnaires to ensure coverage of up to date issues. Reports are communicated to each client in a seminar setting by a Prospera project manager.

Interviews are mainly performed over telephone, but also electronically. Our response rate is historically high. Most of our interviewers, 20-30 persons, are free lancers but have worked for Prospera for several years. Nearly all of them have an academic and/or financial background.

In Summary, we have...